Does it make sense?

Last week, we noted the curious case of Joaquin Shadow Rams, who seems to have made a habit of collecting on life insurance policies he took out on family members (one hesitates to use the phrase “loved ones”). Last we heard, he was on trial for the murder of his year old infant son, on whom he had purchased a sizable ($500,000) life insurance policy. Now, as then, we’re going… Read Article →


Jones Bootmaker saved from the brink by Endless rescue deal

Meanwhile, Alteri’s ownership of shirt outfitter Austin Reed also ended in adminstration last year before the business was sold to Edinburgh Woollen Mill owner Philip Day.  Shoe retailers have emerged as the hardest hit category in the recent retail downturn as dwindling footfall on the high street and a shift in spending towards experiences rather than physical goods has exacerbated  the problems caused by higher import costs. They have also… Read Article →


Health care vote likely today after delay from Trump’s failure to find support

Despite extensive efforts to encourage members to see his side, the president has yet to gain enough votes. House leaders postponed the health care vote that had been expected to occur on Thursday. The GOP’s intention had been to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Trump and his supporters worked diligently to address demands made from lawmakers who refused to support the overhaul bill. Despite considerable efforts, Trump was unable to… Read Article →


The newest weight-loss procedure

Dr. Ramesh Luther first did weight-loss procedures involving balloons at Buffalo’s VA Medical Center in the 1980s. The concept is that a balloon, about the size of a grapefruit, is inserted into someone’s stomach and triggers a condition called gastroparesis. In layman’s terms, that means limiting the stomach’s ability to empty itself and, ultimately, making the patient less hungry. Those procedures went well, but the product was eventually pulled off… Read Article →

ObamaCare #Winning Updates

Our good friend Holly R tips us to some interesting, if obvious, ACA-related news: ■ Ohio Senator Rob Portman points out that, under The ObamaTax, not only was the claim that “if you like your insurance you can keep it” a lie, but that as a direct result of its implementation, 20 counties in Ohio (almost a quarter) have only one health insurance carrier still in the individual market: ■… Read Article →


Will California flood insurance be better without federal involvement?

The state is considering dropping out of the nationwide program in favor of establishing its own. California flood insurance found itself in the spotlight last month when the Oroville Dam threatened to fail. Erosion at the base of the dam’s emergency spillway forced the evacuation of 180,000 people until the area could be deemed safe again. This event greatly increased awareness of the importance of flood insurance within that part… Read Article →


$56M University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown building wins state OK

The University of Maryland Medical Center has won state regulatory approval to build a new 10-story, $56 million patient care center at its Midtown campus. The 200,000-square-foot project will be located at 806 Linden Ave., at the site of the current Gatch Building, which is scheduled for demolition in spring 2017. Construction is expected to begin in the summer with an opening date in 2019. The building, off Eutaw Street… Read Article →

Affordable Insurance thru a National Single-Employer Plan

A National Single-Employer Plan would end unemployment, enable universal, affordable medical insurance, promote broader coverage, leave employees with more take-home pay, and make American goods more competitive in world markets.  All at the same time.    The key concept is “single-employer” i.e., a national employment system. At present, this does not exist in the U.S. Instead, we have hundreds of thousands of separate employers, each with its own employment practices, business… Read Article →